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I'm up front about mistakes I have made. My question is does anyone think because you know these people and are in contact with them in the smallest sense that you'd be unfit to be a trooper?

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Comment Post Cancel. I have wanted to be a trooper for so long and the weening out started when I left college. I hope that shows the BI I am committed to do what I need to be a trooper. Does the BI eventually sit down with you to discuss the packet and his findings? Anyone receive oral board invites yet?

Nothing yet I believe you meet him or her to go over your booklet and make sure everything's factual before they start. Originally posted by Law View Post. I met mine when he was pretty much already concluded with my background investigation. How big of an impact are student loans?

Have about 85k to pay back. I'm paying slowly but surely. Also nothing derogatory on my credit. Just have a young credit history. Oral board emails out. MRx Tablet.

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What's Going On. Most users ever online was 19, at PM on The Pennsylvania State Police is a full-service law enforcement agency which handles both traffic and criminal law enforcement. The bill was signed in response to the Great Anthracite Strike of Leading up to the Anthracite Strike, private police forces the coal and iron police were used by mine and mill owners to stop worker strikes.

The inability or refusal of local police or sheriffs ' offices to enforce the law, directly influenced the signing of Bill The Anthracite Strike lasted from May 15 to October 23, and ended with the help of Theodore Roosevelt , the sitting president at the time.

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Roosevelt was outspoken in his admiration for the Pennsylvania State Police, having this to say, "The Pennsylvania State Police are a spirited force not to be bought, bent, confused, alarmed or exhausted", [3] and "I feel so strongly about them that the mere fact a man is honorably discharged from this force would make me at once, and without hesitation, employ him for any purpose needing courage, prowess, good judgment, loyalty, and entire trustworthiness. PSP enlisted members are referred to as " Troopers ". Up until , married men were not allowed to apply to the state police, and active troopers had to seek permission from their superior officer to get married.

Colonel Blocker replaced Marcus Brown, who failed to secure confirmation by the state's legislature. After resigning, former Colonel Brown was named to Governor Wolf's state office of Homeland Security as the new director. The site was located at the Hershey Inn and it remained at this location until when it was moved to Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The current location is fitted with kennels, stables and a range, among other facilities, and is located only a few miles from the original site. Once accepted into the Pennsylvania State Police Academy cadets endure a rigorous week training period. Cadets who fail to complete physical training in required times or who show any other type of deficiencies may be restricted from going home.

While attending training, cadets are put on an month probationary period and can be dismissed at any point in their training by the commissioner under any form of incompetence, inefficiency, or general violation of rules and regulations. The PSP owns and operates a myriad of facilities to conduct law enforcement operations across the Commonwealth. The following is the breakdown:. The PSP also has many bureaus and subdivisions within the organization.

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The uniform worn by PSP troopers is unique within Pennsylvania. In January , the State Police changed the color of its uniforms. PSP troopers wore dark grey uniforms that confused them with some municipal police departments and Pennsylvania State Constables. By state law, no municipal city, borough, or township police department can wear the same exact uniform or color configuration as that of the PSP.

The current PSP uniform for troopers, corporals , and sergeants consist of a light gray uniform shirt with black shoulder epaulets. The PSP shoulder patch is worn on both sleeves of all uniform items. The PSP members are issued long sleeve shirts for the winter and short sleeve shirts for summer. However, PSP requires the black necktie to be worn year round.

The uniform shirt consist of the trooper's nameplate over the right pocket and any awards the trooper has earned over the left pocket. The PSP is one of only five state police forces that do not wear a badge on their uniform shirts. It is history and tradition for troopers today to carry their badges in a wallet along with their photo ID card. The uniform trousers are a darker gray color with a 1 inch wide black stripe on the leg.

The duty holster is the level-2 model.

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The ammo pouch and handcuff case have hidden snap closure. The duty belt is held together with the trousers belt using four silver snap belt keepers. The PSP trademark item is the campaign style hat with the chin strap worn in the front under the chin on the winter campaign hat as opposed to most agencies that wear the strap of the campaign hat behind the head. The hat contains a blackened commonwealth coat of arms. It is required to be worn whenever the trooper is outdoors. It is made of dark gray felt for wintertime wear or light gray straw for summertime wear.

The strap of the summer hat is worn behind the head. The Class "A" Ceremonial Unit troopers wear a "full dress" uniform which is a charcoal gray military-style dress coat with black buttons. It is worn with matching charcoal gray military-style riding breeches and black high-rider leather boots. The duty belt is worn with the shoulder strap. This uniform is modeled after the original PSP history uniform.

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In addition to the minor detail changes, senior officers wear the four-button military coat for "Class A" functions. The coat has four gold-colored buttons, breast and hip pockets, and shoulder epaulets for the placement of the officer's current rank. A white shirt is worn with a black tie underneath.

A system of "rank rings" are worn on each sleeve, similar to the rank-ring system used by the U. Currently, the insignia worn by PSP senior officers are as follows:. The department currently operates a mixed fleet of vehicles including the new law enforcement specific Ford Taurus , Ford Explorer , Crown Victorias and Dodge Charger , which are only used by Pennsylvania Turnpike Troopers. The PSP also owns and operates numerous helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The PSP Aviation Section consists of thirty-five trooper pilots and three full-time mechanics, using eight law enforcement specific Bell GX helicopters and six airplanes statewide.

These aircraft are stationed in six aviation patrol units APU.

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