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It is vital for employers to perform employment background checks for multiple reasons. One thing a background check does is point out discrepancies between what your applicants are telling employers and what is actually true. Companies lose about five percent of their revenue a year due to company fraud. Background checks are also an excellent way for businesses to reduce or eliminate violence in the workplace.

According to a survey done by the US Department of Justice, an estimated 1. Workplace violence costs employers over a billion dollars a year. This includes both a loss in wages and a loss of productivity. In addition, legal fees and PR campaigns could require significant resources to salvage a damaged public image.

Using a background check for employment, organizations can see if a candidate has the potential to be violent or has ever been involved in criminal activity. Background checks also help a company avoid hiring liability. Depending on the nature of the job, it is the responsibility of the company to make safe hiring decisions and not hire people who could become a threat to other employees or the general public. An employee could become a liability if their behavior becomes errant. The errant behavior could also damage the companies' public image and reputation.

The bad behavior of employees could have astronomical effects on a company. It could potentially make an organization lose funding, customers, vendors and in extreme cases shut down them down completely. Background checks for employment also help to reduce the turnover rate.

When a company, business, or organization runs background checks, they can determine who is a better match for them. Since background checks gather information from multiple sources, they can verify that the applicant is not misrepresenting themselves in any way. The background checks help companies feel confident they are hiring qualified applicants.

According to Right Management Consultants Replacement survey, hiring someone who does not fit well in the company, can cost up to five times the positions salary. These costs can occur due to the direct and indirect damages of recruiting, hiring, training, and wages and benefits. Some regulatory companies such as insurance agencies require background checks for employment in order to receive certain benefits.

The company must determine whether or not the information obtained disqualifies the applicant from the positions. In criminal background checks the EEOC recommends a company take into consideration 1 nature of the crime committed, 2 the number of crimes committed 3 the time between the crime and the potential employee's application, and 4 how relevant the offense is to the job the individual is applying for.

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If the employer takes all of these things into consideration and finds that the applicant is still not a good fit, then they must start the process of creating an adverse action. First, the company must send the applicant a pre-adverse action notice. The pre-adverse action notice informs the candidate that a background check has been run, and a hiring decision may or may not be made based on the results of the background check.

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Accompanying this letter is a complete copy of the report. This gives the applicant the ability to dispute or reconcile any discrepancies on their background check. If no dispute is made after a reasonable amount of time from when the pre-adverse action notice is sent, the company must then send them an adverse action notice also known as withdrawal of offer notice , this informs the candidate with the final decision.

Intelligent Solutions for Employment Screening

When your company uses background checks for employment, there are many federal state and local rules and regulations to consider. One of the things employers must do is communicate with their potential employee that they intend to use information obtained from the background checks to make a hiring decision. This is done by giving the potential employee a standalone disclosure that states that the company is performing the background check.

Some states require a state disclosure. The company must also provide an authorization form consent form to the applicant so that the applicant can agree to the background check for employment. If the company or organization does not provide this information to the applicant, they can face legal actions. FCRA is a federal law that is in place to govern how companies obtain background checks. These governing bodies make sure that the background checks run fairly and accurately.

They also make sure the applicant's information is not misused, and their privacy is secure. Some states use other procedural laws, additional wording on disclosures , which includes California, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Minnesota. Some states allow arrest NON-Conviction records to be used in a hiring decision, whether they were not guilty or charges dropped.

According to recent surveys, 3 out of 4 HR managers have found a lie on a resume. Falling for inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading educational information can increase your training costs, decrease productivity, and even open you up to legal issues. Trusted Employees offers complete identity and address history verification. Identity screening done right, through an identity background check, will help you find out which applicants may be misrepresenting their identity on their application. Trusted Employees cut our report turn around times in half. They know how to pay attention to detail while being responsive to our individual needs in a timely manner.

Your background check needs are as unique as your business.

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Do you find yourself buried in paperwork every time you have to make a new hire? Our analytics will help you easily organize your data and take the pain out of hiring. Integrate your applicant tracking system with our flexible APIs and our integration team will help you every step of the way. What do you do when a red flag shows up on a background report? Our risk assessment reporting will help you understand how these reports should affect your hiring decisions. Compliance with employment rules and regulations can be a legal minefield.

Our screening process is always FCRA compliant to keep you out of legal problems. Get all your employment background screening data delivered to you where and when you want. Our team has been helping clients make successful hiring decisions through background checks for over 20 years.

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You love getting new clients, but you hate how much cash it takes to find them. Set a great impression with your future hire by having an all-inclusive process.

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Small Business to Fortune Education to Finance. Crimcheck provides industry targeted screenings for your exact needs in your exact industry. Background checks are invaluable for staffing agencies. This is because, given the nature of their b The venerated and prestigious Inc. Magazine has just published its list of the fastest-growing compa People no longer place as much value on the relative security of a job that they enter as young adul What is included in our background check services?

Custom adjudication matrix. Multi-location support. Applicant link. Custom workflow. PBSA Accredited. We seek out names and addresses associated with a particular social security number.

This can help Crimcheck provide our clients a more comprehensive way of running an online background report. ATS Integrations. Newsletter Sign Up. All Services.

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