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The Army is also putting in place the Army Talent Alignment Process, which allows active-duty officers to showcase their talents, knowledge and skills to commanders who are looking to fill jobs within their formations. The Army is filled with soldiers who have talents and skills beyond their rank and MOS, and the Army needs to find a way to harness those abilities, McConville said. For example, he said, the Army needed a one-star general to lead a newly formed joint task force on artificial intelligence.

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To lead a new Chicago-based organization tasked with building the Army brand and marketing, the service tapped a U. Army Reserve logistics officer who is a vice president for marketing in civilian life, McConville said. As a one-star in Afghanistan, as the U.

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A major who worked for the Texas highway department was tasked with helping design roads, while farmers from Nebraska and Iowa were called to help Afghan farmers. Another initiative McConville is assessing now is a pilot program to test a new way to select battalion commanders.

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Under the Battalion Command Assessment Program, the Army brought the 30 or so officers chosen as alternates on the infantry and armor battalion command list to Fort Benning, Georgia, for a four-day assessment. Battalion commander is arguably one of the most important leadership positions in the Army, he said. The Army continues to assess the success or viability of the pilot program, but the recent test did shake up the alternate list.

The way he was being managed, that soldier would typically have only been able to enter the civilian system as a GS-6 or Many soldiers have spouses who have careers and want to continue their employment. To tackle those issues, McConville and other senior Army leaders have come up with five quality of life priorities: housing, health care, child care, spouse employment and permanent change-of-station PCS moves.

You should also just ask the alleged Vietnam veteran some easily verifiable questions.

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Burkett and Whitley say one man talked about watching shells fired from the battleship Arizona. The Arizona was sunk at Pearl Harbor on Dec. Other ruses: Burkett says some veterans use fraudulent DD discharge certificate forms or old ones they've stolen from a military personnel office in order to get assistance from the Veterans Administration.

Veteran wannabes might also claim they were in covert operations, or on clandestine missions that are classified or still can't be discussed. Burkett and Whitley say that is one of the oldest dodges in the book, and military records, while noting "classified assignment," will show the applicable dates and will list any relevant awards and decorations.

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Speaking of which, don't rely on someone's word that he won a medal for valor, either. Ask him to provide copies of the general orders or citations that came with it. The Army set a goal of 52, for fiscal , Seamands said, or about 85 percent of those who would be up for re-enlistment this year.

As of late April, he added, they were more than 1, soldiers over the goal. Not only do the retention numbers take some pressure off of recruiting, but leaning on experienced soldiers to build end strength is part of a larger shift. This will require more drill sergeants, particularly in the one-station unit training programs that feed the most populated military occupational specialties. Officials are optimistic that the Army will reach its total force goal by the end of the fiscal year, and are looking to add yet more soldiers in fiscal On the recruiting side, the Defense Department estimates that about 20 percent of Americans ages 16 to 21 will take steps to join the military, but that statistic has to square the roughly one-third of those Americans who meet minimum enlistment standards.

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There are a variety of ways to make service more attractive to young people, leaders say. One is enlistment bonuses, which went way up during the build-up. Another is flexible commitment terms. Currently, he said, the Army is looking at a shortfall of several thousand soldiers in the Reserve, which leaders attribute to the ongoing push to activate reservists. The Army is also due for a marketing face lift, which could help the service tap into what Americans are looking for from military service, including technical training, education or even health care and other benefits.

And then there are attrition rates, either during initial entry training or later on. Heightened fitness standards may help with that, Seamands said of the Occupational Physical Assessment Test, which measures basic fitness levels according to intensity of an MOS.

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Those trainees would either drop out or get hurt and have to be recycled or separated. For now, the focus is on getting to , in the active component by Sept. Meghann Myers is the Pentagon bureau chief at Military Times.

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