How to find the motherboard information

Creating Get-BoardInfo PowerShell Cmdlet

BIOS is a "read-only" memory, which consists of low-level software that controls the system hardware and acts as an interface between the operating system and the hardware. Most people know the term BIOS by another name—device drivers, or just drivers. BIOS is essentially the link between the computer hardware and software in a system. All motherboards include a small block of Read Only Memory ROM which is separate from the main system memory used for loading and running software. On PCs, the BIOS contains all the code required to control the keyboard, display screen, disk drives, serial communications, and a number of miscellaneous functions.

The system BIOS is a ROM chip on the motherboard used during the startup routine boot process to check out the system and prepare to run the hardware. This prevents reconfiguration when the PC is powered on. Cache memory is a small block of high-speed memory RAM that enhances PC performance by pre-loading information from the relatively slow main memory and passing it to the processor on demand.

Most CPUs have an internal cache memory built into the processor which is referred to as Level 1 or primary cache memory. This can be supplemented by external cache memory fitted on the motherboard. This is the Level 2 or secondary cache. In modern computers, Levels 1 and 2 cache memory are built into the processor die. If a third cache is implemented outside the die, it is referred to as the Level 3 L3 cache.

Expansion boards cards plug into the bus. PCI is the most common expansion bus in a PC and other hardware platforms. Buses carry signals such as data, memory addresses, power, and control signals from component to component.

Expansion buses enhance the PCs capabilities by allowing users to add missing features in their computers by slotting adapter cards into expansion slots. A chipset is a group of small circuits that coordinate the flow of data to and from a PC's key components. These key components include the CPU itself, the main memory, the secondary cache, and any devices situated on the buses. A chipset also controls data flow to and from hard disks and other devices connected to the IDE channels.

Using a quartz crystal, the CPU clock breathes life into the microprocessor by feeding it a constant flow of pulses. Similarly, in any communications device, a clock may be used to synchronize the data pulses between sender and receiver. A "real-time clock," also called the "system clock," keeps track of the time of day and makes this data available to the software.

This is a good book for those who want to know much more about computer hardware. I have used the book on numerous occasions and Mike Meyers never disappoints. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. This is a computer slot that allows you to insert expansion cards into your computer.

So it enables you to expand the capabilities of the PC by adding what you do not have. If you look at the article closely, we are talking about various components found on the motherboard. When it comes to the network card, you will find that most modern computers support an internal network interface controller embedded in the motherboard directly rather than provided as an external component. So, in modern motherboards, you will not find a network card as a device on its own. It will be embedded in a chipset.

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In most older motherboards, there used to be 2 IDE channels where drives were connected via a ribbon cable. Each cable carries 2 devices. There is an integrated disk drive controller on the motherboard for controlling the flow of informing from the drive to the motherboard and vice versa. Modern motherboards make use of SATA technology.

A serial advanced technology attachment serial ATA, SATA or S-ATA is a computer bus interface used to connect host bus adapters disk drive controllers with mass storage devices like optical drives and hard drives. Technically speaking, I would say that each and every component is important. There are those who will be quick to reply that it is the processor.

Yes, it is true the processor plays an important role in the computer. But what about the memory, can a computer operate without the memory? That is a big no. What about the power supply? Again can the computer operate without the power supply? That is not possible. So in simple words, all the components of a computer are very important as they are there are there for a reason.

It is a technology used to fabricate or make integrated circuits used in most electronic and electrical fields.

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  • These ram chips loose power and hence has to be powered using a battery referred to as the CMOS battery. CMOS devices require very little power to operate.

    How to Check the Current BIOS Version on Your Computer

    This software instructs the computer on how to perform some basic functions such as booting and keyboard control. BIOS is also used to identify and configure the hardware in a computer such as the hard drive, floppy disk drive, optical drive, CPU, memory, etc. Beep codes are audio signals given out by a computer to announce the result of a short diagnostic testing sequence the computer performs when first powering up called the Power-On-Self-Test or POST.

    When you power on your computer, it has to test major devices such as RAM, Processor, Keyboard, and Drives among others. If any of the devices are faulty, you will receive a beep sound indicating which device has a problem. RAM or Random Access Memory is a high-speed type of computer memory which temporarily stores all the information your PC needs at the moment.

    When it does need something, it fetches it super fast from the memory which is accessed randomly.

    How to Find Your PC Motherboard Model and Serial Number

    Note that RAM is temporary storage; thus when the power goes off or when you switch off your computer, all data held in RAM is lost. There are a number of ways you can use to determine the kind of RAM slot you have. To begin with, you can check the number of pins. The other method is to look at the key notch position. DDR notch is almost at the center but slightly to the right. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

    Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. The CPU needs to be compatible with the chipset, if they are it will also physically compatible with the socket. Some sockets are used several chipsets which are not necessarily compatible with the same CPUs. These are not backwards or forwards compatible.

    On modern motherboards the North-bridge and South-bridge have been combined into a single chip simply refered to as the chipset and is physically located where the south-bridge used to be. Some of its functions have been absorbed into the CPU. If this article was in any way influenced by the book linked under 'More Resources' it too is outdated.

    You could have used newer hardware. Thanks a lot Rahmatullah for the comment.

    Native Method Find Out Motherboard Model (No 3rd Party tools required)

    I am glad that you learnt something from this article about computer motherboards. You are much welcome Niku Moni Boro. Keep reading even other works to gain more knowledge. Thanks a lot Piper mcnutt for reading and commenting.

    How to find your Motherboard Model Number

    I will surely try to add more information regarding the parts of the motherboard and their functions. Over time, functions were offloaded to separate circuits and then to GPUs either in separate cards, the PC's chipset or the CPU chip itself depending on the type of computer.

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