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Notice that there are two sets of Hue and Saturation options, one for the highlights the lightest areas of the image and one for the shadows the darkest areas. For the Highlights set at the top, set the Hue value to 40 for a nice orange-yellow. Then increase the Saturation value to Note that you won't see any change in the hue until you increase the saturation from its default value of 0. Then in the Shadows set at the bottom, use a slightly different Hue value of 45 , and increase the Saturation value to 50 for a more intense color effect in the shadows:.

Two panels down, two more to go. Open the Effects panel by clicking on its tab third tab from the right :. The Effects panel in Camera Raw is limited to just two effects, grain and vignetting.

But both will help us out with our "old photo" effect. Let's start by adding some grain. The three sliders in the Grain section let us adjust the amount, size and roughness of the grain. You can experiment with these sliders on your own to find the settings you like best, or use the same settings I'm using for my image. I've set the Amount value to 50 , the Size to 60 and the Roughness also to 60 :.

Next, still in the Effects panel, we'll add a vignette effect using the Post Crop Vignetting section. The main control here is the Amount slider at the top. If you drag the Amount slider to the left, you'll darken the edges and corners of the image.

How to Make a Photo Look Vintage on a PC and Smartphone

That's usually the result you want when adding a vignette, but it's the opposite of what we want for our "old photo" effect. What we want to do here is lighten the corners of the photo, as if they've faded over time. Do do that, drag the Amount slider to the right. You can leave the other sliders Midpoint, Roundness, Feather and Highlights set to their defaults:. Finally, reopen the Basic panel by clicking its tab first tab on the left :. Images that have faded over time have less overall contrast, and we can reduce the contrast of our image using a few simple sliders in the Basic panel.

First, to tone down the highlights, lower the Highlights value by dragging the slider to the left. I'll lower mine to , but you'll want to keep an eye on your own image as you drag the slider to judge the results.

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Vintage/Retro Effect

Hopefully it will be patched soon. This is one of a very select number of apps that appear on my coveted front page. Its ability to smartly select areas for selective retouching is uncannily accurate; its Structure feature beats anything Photoshop can do; and its Ambience tool provides a wonderful combination of brightness, shadow opening, warmth, and even incredible highlight protection all at once. On top of that are regularly-introduced enhancements like the Curves tool, and the incredible White Balance tool which allows you to see your eyedropper effect in real time as you drag it around your image — a huge advantage I have not seen in any other mobile app or even desktop program.

On top of all of this, there are other miraculous effects that seem to be added every other week that are too numerous to delineate here but are absolutely worth exploring. My only two wishes are that 1 a clone tool be added; and 2 there were even more options in the Selective and Brush Tools. Still, I recommend this app without reservation. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How to Make Your Pictures Look Vintage; Tips for a Vintage Edit |

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Unfortunately, you need VSCOx the premium membership for this filter.

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But, fortunately for you, there is a hack! Lastly, screenshot the image and crop out the black borders. First, import your photo and make any color changes that you deem necessary. Depending on your color profile or theme, you may want to decrease the greens and increase the orange tones, etc.

How to Make Your Pictures Look Vintage; Tips for a Vintage Edit

But, that is totally up to you. Afterlight2 actually has touch tools now as well! For example, if after all the editing, your shirt appears super dark, you can swipe your finger over the shirt to brighten it up. To sum up, you only need two apps to create a cohesive theme on your Instagram without breaking the bank on a preset!

If you enjoyed this post, head over to my blog post that covers my all-time favorite photo editing apps.

to make pictures look vintage on To make pictures look vintage on
to make pictures look vintage on To make pictures look vintage on
to make pictures look vintage on To make pictures look vintage on
to make pictures look vintage on To make pictures look vintage on
to make pictures look vintage on To make pictures look vintage on
to make pictures look vintage on To make pictures look vintage on

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